1. HeadHunting and Executives search

HeadHunting MK is your trusted consultancy partner for creating relations and employment of the best executives in accordance to your company culture and requirements. First we map out the best “Heads”, then coordinate with your team and afterwards our consultants start “Hunting” fast and bring in the best candidates on a meeting with you. We also use our database to propose appropriate personas for certain specific executive roles.

2. Leasing of experts or WORKFORCE for SPECIFIC POSITIONS

You want to plug staff gaps short term and assure the success of your project? or You need a specific position at your IT/Marketing/Finance/ etc… team? Or need workers for usual work tasks ASAP? We are proud to say that HeadHunting MK has THE biggest database of profiles who can be contacted and offered a new job or short term assignments. We handpick experts with the right skill set to exactly meet your requirements!


Focusing on people is the only way to win on the long run! We collaborate with THE BEST industry trainers and lecturers, who can be on your disposal for different teams and different moments. Contact us explaining what is your current challenge and we can propose suitable trainers who can be involved!

And something more…..

  1. Talent Mapping and Market Intelligence: Stay ahead of your competition by leveraging our talent mapping and market intelligence services. We conduct comprehensive research and analysis to identify and assess top talent within your industry. Our in-depth market insights provide valuable information about industry trends, talent availability, and competitor analysis, helping you make informed decisions and secure the best talent for your organization.
  2. Succession Planning and Leadership Development: Ensure the long-term success of your organization by implementing effective succession planning and leadership development strategies. We work closely with you to identify high-potential individuals within your organization and develop tailored programs to groom them for leadership positions. Our expertise in executive assessment and development helps you build a robust leadership pipeline and drive future growth.
  3. Employer Branding and Candidate Experience Enhancement: Enhance your employer brand and create a positive candidate experience with our employer branding and candidate experience enhancement services. We work with you to develop a compelling employer brand that resonates with top talent and effectively communicates your company’s values, culture, and opportunities. By optimizing the candidate experience at every touchpoint, we help you attract, engage, and retain the best candidates.
  4. Industry-specific Recruitment Solutions: Our industry-specific recruitment solutions cater to the unique needs of various sectors. Whether you’re in technology, healthcare, finance, or any other industry, our specialized recruiters possess deep industry knowledge and networks. We understand the specific skills, qualifications, and cultural fit required for success in your industry and deliver targeted recruitment solutions that align with your industry’s demands.
  5. International Executive Search: Expand your global reach and access top-tier international talent with our international executive search services. We have a vast network of trusted partners and a proven track record of successfully placing executives in diverse geographical locations. Our international search expertise enables you to tap into a global talent pool and secure exceptional leaders who can drive your organization’s success on a global scale.

At HeadHunting MK, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services to address your diverse talent acquisition needs. Whether you require executive search, project-based staffing, training programs, or strategic consulting, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to explore how our services can help you attract, retain, and develop top talent for your organization.